Airport Management

designs its hardware and embedded software specifically for demanding Ground Support environments.

Modules designed for motorized and non-motorized GSEs are easy to install-less than 2 hours per GSE. Data is stored on a secure server and offers an API for data exchange with legacy systems like EBis, Maximo, etc.

When linked to the flight scheduling, system can automatically send invoices with relevant information (flight number, parking stand/gate, etc.). Use cases: GPU, fuel meter, device billing, etc.

Aeronautical PANS OPS

Procedure Design PANS OPS Airspace

AIS to AIM Migration (Digitalisation of Aviation Information)
> Optimisation of safety, analysis, decision-making and fuel-consumption
> GPM is used for the general, user-friendly distribution of our clients’ mapping data. It provides automatic, real-time, and off-line, mapping data

Aviation Consultation

Konsultan Penerbangan

Aeronautical services
CGX AERO provides services for the design of instrument trajectory planning and associated fields such as data collection and site obstacle relief, aeronautical mapping and studies.
CGX AERO also provides consulting, auditing, training, and general assistance in all of these fields.

Airport Services
CGX provides airport owners and operators (as well as their aviation transport clients) with assistance, diagnostics, strategic studies, operational documentation, certification advice and training.

Airport Safety and Certification
After having successfully assisted something on the order of thirty airports with the implementation of their safety management systems

FFS FTD FMTD AATD Aircraft Flight Simulator

Simulator Pesawat Terbang

CKAS MotionSim5 Flight Training Devices offer the ultimate level of fidelity and flight experience available in any FTD worldwide. These are primarily targeted at larger flying schools, aviation colleges, charter operators, airline and military training centres interested in building higher capacity pilots with genuine airmanship skills in advanced normal and emergency procedures including UPRT and Disorientation. These incredible devices offer many features often only found on full flight simulators (FFS), including the all new 7DOF motion which is especially designed to train for UPRT, Loss of Control and Disorientation Training – not even available on Full Flight Simulators. These units are not simply part task trainers – they can be used effectively to teach a person how to fly, under normal and emergency conditions. The CKAS MotionSim5 units must be experienced to be understood fully.

Military dan Defense

Militer dan Pertahanan Alins Alongins Simulator

Based on own high-resolution optical and radar satellite constellation, and over 30 years of commercial and institutional expertise, we have developed an unprecedented intelligence portfolio for our defence and security partners.

Our multiintelligence solutions cover the full defence intelligence cycle – from data collection and analysis to information dissemination and monitoring. Augmented with third party and open-source intelligence, it is unrivalled in the marketplace, providing Airbus customers with a real advantage. Unique client requirements are the focus of what we do. Our multisensor solutions can be developed and deployed to connect air, land and sea-bound sensor datasets. This provides decision-makers with precise, actionable intelligence to make informed decisions from any location around the globe.


Sistem Navigasi

What are considered NAVAIDs?
NAVAIDs include Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Non-Directional Beacons (NDB), Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) systems, Very High Frequency (VHF) Omni-Directional Range (VOR) systems, VOR Test Facilities (VOT), and certain combinations of these systems

Simulator Pendidikan

Simulator Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Penelitian

Perusahaan Simulator Pendidikan baik Pemerintah dan Swasta adalah perusahaan terdepan dibidang simulator baik dari Pabrikan Dunia maupun custom Simulator sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan

Educational Simulator Companies, both Government and Private, are the leading companies in the field of simulators, both from World Manufacturers and custom simulators according to customer needs

VCCS Communication

VCCS Airport

SITTI is a world primary system supplier of VCS Systems, based on the most technologically advanced architecture, fully compliant to the latest international standards, e.g. VOIP ED137.

SITTI is today present in most countries in the world with a large base of installed VCS and ancillary equipment and services in the Military and Civilian Air Traffic Control (ATC) arena, as well as public and private Strategic Emergency Services (SES), Police, Fire and Ambulance services, Control Room Management, etc, wherever secure, integrated and configurable communications are required.

ATC Radar Tower Simulator

Simulator Tower Radar APP/ACC

Adacel is the company of choice for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) worldwide with oceanic, en route, approach and tower airspace environments. More than 21% of the world’s airspace is controlled with Adacel’s Aurora air traffic management technology. Adacel’s ATC solution incorporates MaxSim – an industry-leading air traffic control simulator used for controller training by civil and military authorities including ANSPs, universities, airport authorities, defense & security organizations.

AFTN AMSC Simulator

Simulator Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network

Copperchase specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and support of ATC Communications and Data Management Systems. The company objectives are to provide innovative messaging solutions based on the latest available technology to our selected customer base.
Existing Copperchase Message Processing and ATC Data & Systems & Engineering users are worldwide; they include UK MoD, Departments of Civil Aviation, Airports and Airlines.
Copperchase believes that experience gained working in its selected market environments makes it ideally placed for the implementation of this project.

Wargame Military Simulation

Wargame Simulator

Military simulations, also known informally as war games, are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. Military simulations are seen as a useful way to develop tactical, strategical and doctrinal solutions, but critics argue that the conclusions drawn from such models are inherently flawed, due to the approximate nature of the models used. Many professional analysts object to the term wargames as this is generally taken to be referring to the civilian hobby, thus the preference for the term simulation.

Flight Simulator

FFS FTD AATD Simulator

Full Flight Simulation FFS Level ABCD, Flight Training Devices FTD Simulator, AATD Simulator, Pilot Training Simulator, Simulator Fighter Military Aicraft, Simulator Cockpit for Pilot


Ground Forward Air Control

GFAC and gunnery personnel to use artillery firepower Military exercises and Wargaming Personnel sniper training parachute Simulator Aircraft for Military Aircraft Recognition Identifier submarines in the inventory of the Naval Forces Command Army Land Simulator Indonesia Combat Management System (CMS)


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Drone

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Drone Unmanned Traffic Management, Drone UAV Pilot, Drone Autonomous System, Aerospace Engineering Analysis Drone, Teknologi Drone, Drone Simulator UTM, Penelitian UAV, Drone Militer Pertahanan TNI UAV


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Drone Unmanned Traffic Management, Drone UAV Pilot, Drone Autonomous System, Aerospace Engineering Analysis Drone, Drone Technology, Drone Simulator UTM, Research UAV Drone Military Drone UAV



Lifevest LifeRaft Slides Aircraft Pelampung Keselamatan

AVI Survival Products adalah produsen terkemuka untuk rakit penyelamat paling ringkas, ringan, dan terjangkau di dunia untuk Penerbangan Umum dan Perusahaan selama 50 tahun. Kami memproduksi life rafts yang disetujui FAA, TSO Life Vests C13g, TSO-C70a Type I dan Type II dan telah berpengalaman, stasiun servis/perbaikan bersertifikat di seluruh dunia. Survival Products, Inc. adalah tambahan pelengkap untuk portofolio AVI.


AVI Survival Products is the leading manufacturer for the world’s most compact, lightweight, and affordable life rafts for General and Corporate Aviation for 50 years. We manufacture FAA Approved, TSO Life Vests C13g, TSO-C70a Type I and Type II life rafts and have experienced, certified service/repair stations world-wide. Survival Products, Inc. is a complementing addition to the AVI portfolio. 


atis awos amss

Sistem Manajemen Lalu Lintas Udara (ATM) Aurora Adacel mengintegrasikan kemampuan kelautan, pendekatan, dan kontrol menara dan merupakan sistem ATM terbaik di dunia untuk mengelola wilayah udara prosedural dalam lingkungan pengawasan. Filosofi sistem memungkinkan perutean yang optimal dan hemat bahan bakar di lingkungan prosedural dengan pengurangan pemisahan minimal

Adacel’s Aurora Air Traffic Management (ATM) System integrates oceanic, approach, and tower control capabilities and it is the world’s best ATM system for managing procedural airspace in a surveillance environment. The system’s philosophy allows for optimal, fuel efficient routing in procedural environment with reduced separation minima


Display System

Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) menyediakan produk dan layanan tampilan inovatif yang memungkinkan pelanggan mencapai tujuan simulasi, pelatihan, visualisasi, dan presentasi mereka.

Kami menyediakan produk dan layanan tampilan inovatif yang memungkinkan pelanggan mencapai tujuan simulasi, pelatihan, visualisasi, dan presentasi mereka.


Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) provides innovative display products and services that enable customers to achieve their simulation, training, visualization and presentation objectives.

We provide innovative display products and services that enable customers to achieve their simulation, training, visualization and presentation objectives.


Antenna System

Telekomunikasi Angkatan Darat & Angkatan Laut dan Angkatan Udara berkinerja tinggi Antena dan filter untuk komunikasi taktis. Antenna Psawat Tempur Kapal Perang Tank

telah menciptakan sistem yang memastikan komunikasi paling andal antara pangkalan militer dan lepas pantai, kapal/pasukan darat untuk memberikan solusi yang efisien untuk semua jenis konflik atau operasi di mana pun di Bumi.


High performance Land & Naval telecommunication | Antennas and filters for tactical communications

has created a system that ensures the most reliable communication between military bases and offshore, ships/ground troops in order to provide an efficient solution for any type of conflict or operation anywhere on Earth.



Simulator Parasut adalah solusi hemat biaya yang menawarkan pelatihan kepada pengguna di lingkungan yang dapat diulang dan aman dalam waktu singkat, meningkatkan tingkat perencanaan dan persiapan tugas, dan mengurangi jumlah lompatan aktual dengan lompatan individu dan kelompok. Sistem ini memungkinkan keterampilan penting untuk dikembangkan secara real-time, didampingi oleh pelatih, dalam berbagai kondisi cuaca, keadaan darurat, dan kondisi angin yang bervariasi

Parachute Simulator is a cost effective solution that offers users training in a repeatable and safe environment in a short time, increases the level of planning and task preparation, and reduces the number of actual jumps with individual and group jumps. The system allows vital skills to be developed in real-time, accompanied by trainers, under a wide range of weather conditions, emergencies and variable wind conditions


System Integartion

Seperti yang terdaftar di PT OTOMAN kami menyediakan multi Produk dan Berbagai Produk dan Kami dapat memasok dari mana saja produk di dunia dan mendukung sebagai Produk Manufaktur dan Kustomisasi berdasarkan kebutuhan dan pengadaan

As listed on PT OTOMAN we profide multi Product and Wide Variety Product and We can supply from anywhere product in the world and support as Manufacturing and Customization Product base on requirement and procurement

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