PT Otoman Indonesia Aeronautical


Aeronautical, Airspace, and PBN Procedure Base Navigation

PT Otoman Indonesia Airspace dan Aeronautical Navigation Provider, ATC Equipment

Ruang Udara dan Aeronautika Navigasi Penerbangan dan perlengkapan ATC

PT Otoman Indonesia Communication

Otoman Air Communication

Communication and Airport System

Voice Communication System, Recording System, Mobile Tower, ATIS, VHF, UHF, HF Radio, Aeronautical Message Handling System Aeronatical Message Handling System AFTN, AWOS, VOLMET, VSAT, Satellite System

PT Otoman Indonesia Air Navigation

Navigation Surveillance Radar System

Radar Primary Surveillance Radar MSSR System, Surface Movement Radar, SMGCS, ADS-B, Multilatteration System, WAM, ILS DVOR, DME  Provider for System Integration


UTM Pilot

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone Unmanned Traffic Management Indonesia

Sistem Pesawat tanpa awak Manajemen Lalu Lintas Udara UAS AUV dan Pilot Drone dan Operasi Pesawat UAV Simulator UTM UAV

Airport Management Consultant Aviation
Konsultan Penerbangan

Airport Management and Vehicle Management, Airport Simulation, Airport and Airspace Consultant international

Konsultan Penerbangan Bandar Udara dan Ruang Udara

Simulation Training and Safety

Simulator for Radar ATC, Tower ATC, Full Flight Simulation FFS Level D, Training, Support Safety Ground Air Sea Land Transportation for Indonesia system integration

Kontraktor Simulator Indonesia Militer dan Sipil Simulator Perang dan Penerbangan

Otoman Militer TNI

Military and Defense System

Indonesian Army and Ministry of Defense Republic Indonesia supporting Equipment Alins Alongins, Military Product and Weapon System, Military Air Navigation

Tentara Nasional Indonesia TNI Kontraktor Alins Alongins dan Alutsista, Perlengkapan Militer dan Sistem Persenjataan

Military Full Flight Simulator FTD

Simulator Aircraft for Military

Aircraft Recognition Identifier

Simulator Pesawat Militer Tempur dan Angkut Militer


kapal selam

Submarine Diving Ship Military

submarines in the inventory of the Naval Forces Command, have been designed and manufactured in order to complete the preparatory and periodic training of diving cabin crew without using the submarine

Sistem Kapal Selam Militer

wargame tni tentara

Artillery Wargaming Joint Warfare

forward observers and gunnery personnel to use artillery firepower Military exercises and Wargaming are collective trainings for the purpose of measuring and improving the level of readiness of the Armed Forces for war

Sniper Weapon and Parachute

Personnel  sniper training for the first time should practice their aiming environment before using real ammunition parachute training  jump procedures and emergency methods in a training environment before jumping from a real aircraft. Simulator Sniper dan Senapan Simulator Parasut terjun payung

Combat Management System

Indonesia Combat Management System (CMS) Development Project As an integrated system, the discovery, surveillance, detection, tracking and classification operations are carried out with fully automated methods with the sensors on the platform. Integrated Multiple Data Link Capability has been gained with the aim of transferring the tactical image to friendly troops.

PT Otoman Indonesia

PT Otoman Indonesia

The company for communication navigation surveilance air traffic management CNS/ATM, airports, related aviation industries, Military and Defense Contractor Company, delivers customized business solutions to the aviation and Military industry.

The aviation business and apply the expertise of the entire team. Our multidisciplinary teams include former airline and airport executives, maintenance and operations specialists, technical, financial analysts, and other aviation experts offering highly specialized skills in aviation fundamentals.

PT. Otoman Indonesia Company, has provided Procurement, System Integration, Installation, and  Maintenance services solutions to the air transportation industry.

Our portfolio and our consulting experts are dedicated to assist aviation specific client groups airlines, airports and aviation authorities also Military Defense Ministry as well as related industries.

PT. Otoman Indonesia synergizes with all companies and global vendors to serve the country

PT Otoman Indonesia Contractor for Civil Aviation and Military Defense System Integration Company for better future

PT Otoman Indonesia Kontraktor Indonesia Penerbangan Sipil dan Industri Militer Pertahanan untuk masa depan lebih baik