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Maintenance and Support for Product and repairing product for Aviation Produck CNS/ATM. PT. OTOMAN INDONESIA has repair for COMSOFT AIDA ATC System and RAYTHEON ATC Simulator Product. We integration for Honeywell System on Aircraft for Indonesian Civil Aviation Institute.


Repairing ARTAS


ARTAS (ATM suRveillance Tracker And Server) is a system designed by Eurocontrol in order to help in Aerial surveillance and Air traffic control. It can establish an accurate Air Situation Picture of all traffic over a well-defined geographical area (e.g. ECAC), and to distribute the relevant surveillance information to a community of user systems.

ARTAS users

A User of ARTAS in a general sense is defined in this context as any ATC subsystem having a requirement to receive at defined instants the best and most up-to-date estimate of all or selected aircraft state vector elements for all air traffic of interest to this User, e.g.:

  • Operator Display System,
  • Flight Data Processing System,
  • ATC Tools,
  • Flow-Control Management System,
  • Sequencing and Metering system,
  • Remote TMA’s,
  • Military Units, etc.

ARTAS is a distributed system composed of a number of identical subsystems co-operating together. Each subsystem, called an ARTAS Unit, will process all radar data reports to form a best estimate of the current Air Traffic situation within a given Domain of Interest.

Adjacent ARTAS Units will co-ordinate their tracks to build a unique, coherent and continuous Air Situation Picture over the complete area.

ARTAS unit groups

Four groups of main functions are implemented in an ARTAS Unit:

  • The TRACKER processes the radar input data and maintain the latest air situation represented in the Track Data Base.
  • The SERVER carries out the Track and Sensor Information Services, i.e. the management of all requests from Users and the transmission of the relevant sets of track/sensor data to these Users, and the so-called inter-ARTAS co-operation functions
  • The ROUTER BRIDGE handles the external interfaces to the Normal Users, the Broadcast Users, the Adjacent ARTAS Units and the surveillance sensors. It also implements the Radar Input Processing function.
  • The SYSTEM MANAGER carries out the functions related to the supervision and management of the ARTAS Unit.

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